Thursday, Jul. 18, 2019

Allergic Reactions Are No Joke

By Tova Ovits

“Do you have an EpiPen? No? Well, you do now,” said my son’s allergist after seeing the scratch test reactions to peanuts and nuts. Hillel was almost...


The “Long-Short Way” Towards Parent-Teacher Partnerships

By Bryna Leider

Parent-teacher interactions are the embodiment of the classic Jewish line regarding two Jews and three opinions. Add the joke about two Jews and three synagogues, the one about the Jewish child having two choices (doctor or lawyer) and...

Panelist at the Parent to Parent Summit

Video Highlights from Parent to Parent Summit

By Irene Lehrer Sandalow

Parent Engagement and Leadership was center Stage at the first Day School Parent Summit, sponsored by the Parent to Parent Initiative of The Jewish Education Project Wednesday, March 20th and hosted at the...


Parent to Parent Summit “Beyond the Bake Sale:” Announcing the Panelists!

By Irene Lehrer Sandalow

Our March 20th event at UJA-Federation of New York is less than 10 days away! We’d like to take a moment to announce the all-star panel...


Technology and Blended Learning In Schools: What Parents Need To Know

By Tova Ovits

Is technology in the classroom a good thing or just the cool, new thing? That depends on how it’s used!

Gary Hartstein, Director of the DigitalJLearning...


Our Stories

Choosing Values Beyond Cultural Diversity

Every parent wishes the absolute best for their child.   Meet a Russian Jewish parent and you will realize that this statement is ever so true.  Many of us, Jews of Russian descent,...

A Jewish Tree for the Day After Christmas
A “Martian” with a Horse in the Game

Meet the Parents

Meet Rhonda Rose

Stay at home mom to twin 3 year old boys, Sammy and Marcus. In my pre-children years, I worked as an account executive in various advertising agencies. Transitioned to the non-profit world where I...

Erika Prafder
Meet Veronica Lurvey

Parents of Valor

Parent of Valor: Anna Pervukhin Promoting Arts and Sciences Through Hands-On Experimentation

Last fall, we invited educators to submit a nomination for their schools “Parent of Valor.” We received many submissions and were extremely impressed by the level of dedication,...

Parent of Valor: Tova Ovits, Social Media Expert with Personality
Parents of Valor: "Science Mom" Kristin Rosler

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Why are you a day school parent?

Sending your child to a Jewish Day School takes personal commitment and financial investment.

Why did you decide to send your child(ren) to a Jewish Day School?What excites you about your family’s day school experience?

Can you share a brief story when you had an “aha” moment- when you felt that sending your child to your...



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