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Parenting in Just Six Words

By Shariee Calderone · December 18, 2013

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How many words would you need to describe your thoughts about parenting?

100? …500? …How about doing it in 6?

I used the Six-Word Memoir recently at a gathering with Jewish preschool parents from Temple Beth Shalom in Roslyn and Midway Jewish Center, Plainview, NY. As part of our introduction activity parents were asked to jot down their thoughts about parenting and use their memoirs as a way to introduce themselves to each other.  

For those new to the whole Six-Word Memoir thing, it’s “a story of your life - some part of it or all of it – told in exactly six words.” It’s a fun activity that makes you think about where you are and what matters to you.  

As you can see, the memoirs become a window into their lives: the challenges, the moments, the highs and the lows. The parents behind those thoughtful post-its are just beginning their journey as parent bloggers who will be contributing their thoughts, ideas, reflections and concerns through parent blogging for the Parent to Parent ECFE pilot initiative of The Jewish Education Project. The program seeks to enhance communication and connections between parents, and between the parents and the institutions. As research shows, Jewish moms of young children first and foremost seek meaningful relationships with other parents on topics relevant to their lives. As one participant said, “it’s really helpful to know that you are not alone in your concerns and passions.” By blogging, the parents will be encouraging a dialog with other parents and will be expanding the conversation to their school and to the wider community.  

So what would your Six-Word Memoir be? For me, with almost an empty nest, mine was Kids in College: Sad and Happy!

Post by Shariee Calderone, co-coordinator for the P2P ECFE initiative, and mother of three living in Eastport, NY. For more information contact

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Pamela Brown wrote 4 days ago

This Jewish education project is truly amazing includes really an interesting, positive and fun-loving activity. This helps them a lot to understand the mentality and thinking of the people and now you can get bestessays for academic task. Such activities must be part of our education system to refreshes the mind of students as well as parents.

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