Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019

Rhonda Rose

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The fact that Thanksgiving and Chanukah collide this year is a bit mind blowing.  Not only are they my two most favorite holidays, but they both have a great message that creates a powerhouse of a holiday week. Apparently, the last time this...

Rhonda's Twin Boys

This article originally appeared in New York Family on September 13, 2013.

This month marks a milestone for my family. My 3-year-old twin boys will be entering nursery at Beit Rabban Day School and this will be the first time they have...


I am a mom of twin, bouncing happy 3 year old boys. Having my boys is one of my proudest achievements and yet, when I have to scream at them to go to bed, or bribe my sons with a new toy car to sit quietly in the stroller, I feel like a failure as...


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